All Saints Day

The most significant public holiday (also known as a "Red Day") is All Saints Day, which is observed on November 1 in remembrance of those who have passed away. For the families that return to their home villages to visit the graves of their loved ones and leave flowers, all of the local town halls (Ayuntamientos) maintain and develop the local cemeteries.

Following their visit to the cemetery, family groups frequently gather to rejoice and remember their loved ones by eating and drinking together.

In Spain, cemeteries are serene, beautiful spaces that are well-kept and maintained. Families frequently go there on a monthly or daily basis to leave flowers or to simply sit and reflect.

Each region in Spain has a different ritual for All Saints Day, in Catalonia, they have a celebration when they roast chestnuts and eat snails in a sauce with a dough made of maize flour called "motokil," whilst in the Canary Islands, people eat pine nuts, chestnuts, and drink sweet wine or rum, whilst celebrating the lives of their loved ones. 

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