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When you decide to live in Spain, or even if you are on holiday there are so many places to visit and explore. Only 35 minutes from Torrevieja, you will find the beautiful port city of CARTAGENA on the Costa Cálida, Murcia, home to the Spanish Navy. 

Due to its strategic location, it has been home to a variety of civilizations, including the Carthaginians and Romans, all of which have left their stamp on the region.

The old town of CARTAGENA is located inside the Muralla del Mar (Sea Wall), where you can wander around and visit a variety of sites, from the Roman Theater the "Augusteum"  the "Decumanus" or the Concepción castle with its panoramic views of the region. 

The Port of CARTAGENA is also a military base and is home to the Spanish Navy submarines, which you can see from the marina. 

There are many Hotels to stay in but to truly experience the feel of the city, rent an Apartment, there are so many to choose from and you can stay within the old quarters of the city. 

CARTAGENA is a city that thrives on its social life, with so many bars and restaurants, but the specialty of the city is Tapas. In every bar, you will find a fantastic selection of Tapas that are nothing like your normal "Tourist Tapas" this is the place to drink a beautiful glass of wine or a caña, with a selection of Tapas whilst you plan your adventure in the city. 

There are so many places to explore in Spain, make sure CARTAGENA is on your list. 

Reference - Spain Info  

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