Why is it important to consider how you send your Currency to a Euro € Country

When you buy or sell an overseas property, one of your considerations should be how you're going to transfer your required currency, it is never too early to get advice on how much your money will give you in euros.

When you use a Bank, they will charge you to use their services, in addition to giving you a lower rate of exchange. In addition when your Bank in your lcoal country sends those funds to a Spanish bank the local bank in Spain will also charge you to deposit the funds.

We therefore recommend our clients a specialist foreign currency exchange provider for all their currency needs, to this end Cool Casas recommends GC Partners. 

If you want to Learn more about the benefits of transferring currency with GC Partners Click to contact directly to GC Partners or if you would prefer to talk to us then please contact us directly 

Call us today or email us, Phone +34 659 65 62 13  Email :

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