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Granada and the Alhambra

Granada and the Alhambra are the next stop in our series of articles on Spanish tourist destinations to explore near Javea. The Alhambra in Murcia, which can be reached in just three hours from Torrevieja, is one historical site in the Andaluz region that you must unquestionably see. In the Spanish region of Andalusia, the Alhambra is a collection of palaces and fortifications. The construction of this palace, which was first begun in 1238 by the first Nasrid Emir and...

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All Saints Day

The most significant public holiday (also known as a "Red Day") is All Saints Day, which is observed on November 1 in remembrance of those who have passed away. For the families that return to their home villages to visit the graves of their loved ones and leave flowers, all of the local town halls (Ayuntamientos) maintain and develop the local cemeteries. Following their visit to the cemetery, family groups frequently gather to rejoice and remember their loved ones b...

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Why is the property market in Spain so strong

So many are asking the same question, why is the property market still so strong in Spain? 1. Cost of Living - When you are in receipt of a pension from another country whether you are from Belgium, France, or the UK, then your money goes a lot further on the daily necessities than it does in your home country. 2. Cost of Heating - The current daily temperature on the Costa Blanca is around a peak of 23 to 25 degrees, and 18 degrees at night. The weather generally sta...

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Digital Nomad Visa (Update)

The Spanish government is currently preparing to introduce its "Digital Nomad Visa," which will allow people to live in Spain without the need for a full work visa if they perform remote work for foreign businesses. The visa is anticipated to cover international (non-EU) employees working for non-Spanish businesses. You will only need to register for it within 30 days of moving to Spain, and it will last for a year, after which you can reapply for up to five years.

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