Digital Nomad Visa (Update)

The Spanish government is currently preparing to introduce its "Digital Nomad Visa," which will allow people to live in Spain without the need for a full work visa if they perform remote work for foreign businesses.

The visa is anticipated to cover international (non-EU) employees working for non-Spanish businesses. You will only need to register for it within 30 days of moving to Spain, and it will last for a year, after which you can reapply for up to five years.

Although the minimal monthly income is anticipated to be roughly €2,000, one benefit of holding the visa is the ability to take advantage of a lower tax rate, which is anticipated to be 15% instead of 25%. but it is anticipated that the minimum monthly salary will be close to €2,000.

The Costa Blanca is one of the best regions to look at when looking for a Digital Nomad Visa given that most of the towns are only a 45-minute drive from Alicante airport, with excellent road connections and close access to the AP7 motorway. Most of Spain is now covered by high-speed fiber internet coverage, greater than Germany and the UK.

The World Health Organization named the Orihuela Costa as one of the healthiest regions in the world. There are approximately 3,000 hours of average annual sunshine, and the average annual temperature easily reaches 20 degrees.

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