Why is the property market in Spain so strong

So many are asking the same question, why is the property market still so strong in Spain?

1. Cost of Living - When you are in receipt of a pension from another country whether you are from Belgium, France, or the UK, then your money goes a lot further on the daily necessities than it does in your home country.

2. Cost of Heating - The current daily temperature on the Costa Blanca is around a peak of 23 to 25 degrees, and 18 degrees at night. The weather generally starts to change after Xmas, with January to March being the time when the Costa Blanca has rain, though even at this time the temperatures don´t drop below 10 to 12 degrees during the day.

3. Outdoor living - With the daily temperatures we all generally live outside most of the year, you can still swim in the sea all year round, with many people simply putting on a wetsuit in winter for a refreshing dip, in most resorts, there is a gathering on Xmas and New Year's day to go for a swim!

4. Healthy Lifestyle - With great weather brings opportunities to live a healthy lifestyle, there are so many things to do, from walking, Stand up Paddling, swimming and so many more outdoor activities. 

5. Speed of Life - As soon as you land in Spain you can immediately sense the slowdown, there is a good reason for the culture of mañana, mañana, being late is no longer a crime but something to embrace.ç

The Ministry of Transport, Mobily, and Urban Agenda have confirmed 197,762 property completions between April and June 2002, the highest figure for a second quarter since 2007, and 11.04% higher than for Q2 2021. 

Overall it's a lot cheaper living in Spain in comparison to Northern Europe, why not look for a property in Spain, and join us to enjoy a more relaxed way of life, at a lower price.

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